Is Park Home Living for me?

For many customers moving to a residential park offers them the opportunity to purchase a brand new home in a secure, friendly environment living amongst like- minded people of the same age group.  Many down size to a park home to release capital in their bricks and mortar to fund their retirement.

The majority of customers considering a park home have never been inside a new home or visited a park when they start their search, so are unsure if park home living would suit them.  By contacting Right Choice Park Homes we can arrange for you to visit a park with show homes, or you can attend a Right Choice open day held at the Prestige Park Home factory in Rushden, Northamptonshire where you can view a variety of show homes and take park in a factory tour.

What is my search criteria?

Once you have decided that park home living is for you the next step is focusing on the criteria for your next move.

Area – which counties?  If looking in multiple counties start with your top 3 counties first.

Size – what size of park home would you like to live in?  Defining the size of home that you would be comfortable living in will make your search a lot easier.

Pets – do you need a pet friendly park? Each park will have its own individual pet policy, and if they are pet friendly they will stipulate which pets they allow, so if you own a pet you will need to check this before arranging to view the park.   

Amenities – do you need to be close to shops, bus stop, doctors? Depending on your situation you may need good access to public transport and local amenities, this will need to come into consideration when choosing a park. A rural park may not be the ideal choice if you require a shop within walking distance or a regular bus service.

Disability Adaptions – do you require a home that can be adapted to suit your needs? Park Homes can be manufactured to suit your exacting requirements.

Budget – what is your budget?  Get your current property valued to help you set your budget for your next move.

Finding the right park

The most important aspect of buying a residential park home is finding the right park that meets your criteria, so this will require you to set aside some time to view the parks and look at the show homes/vacant plots available. 

Always check the park holds a licence for residential use as the protection offered by the mobile homes act applies to licenced residential parks only, and is not available on holiday parks even if they are open 12 months of the year. 

A lot of parks do not have a site office, but will have a site warden or area manager who looks after the park, so it is recommended to always pre-book viewings.  This will ensure that someone is available to show you around the show homes/plots and give you all the information regarding the park and local area.  Also some parks are private gated so you would not gain access without a prior appointment.  Whilst you are on the park take time to talk to existing residents who can be a great source of information.

Show Homes & Vacant Plots

Now that you have found the right park it is time for you to choose your plot and home.  Some parks will have show homes available that are furnished and ready for you to move straight in to.  There may also be vacant plots available which will allow you to order a home or your choice through the park owner who will arrange for you to visit the manufacturer and work alongside the design team who will guide and assist you on homes within your budget.  Once the specification and floor plan for the home has been finalised the park owner will give you a price for the home, fully sited and ready to move into. If you order a home for a vacant plot then you need to check the manufacturers lead times as these can be between 6 and 12 months if the park owner does not have pre-booked build slots.


So you have found the right park, and have chosen a new home or vacant plot. What next? Well you can secure the new home/plot with a deposit, this will effectively take it off the market until your sale completes.  All park owners will request a deposit subject to you selling your current property, and this can vary from park to park, but is usually anywhere between £1,000-£5,000 to reserve a vacant plot with a further deposit once the home ordered.  If you purchase a show home already sited on the park the deposits can range from £5,000 upwards and can be discussed with the park owner on an individual basis.

Property Exchange

Many parks now offer a property exchange scheme allowing you to exchange your bricks and mortar property for a park home releasing you the cash difference.  Property exchange is very popular with customers who want a hassle free move without the worry of a long property chain and the chance of the sale falling through.  There are also no legal fees or agent fees to pay, and the park owners will arrange a property exchange valuation for you free of charge. 

Completion Time Scales

If you are ordering a new home for a vacant plot the manufacturer will be able to give you and the park owner a delivery date once the home specification and order paperwork has been completed and signed off.  Once the home has been delivered to the park they will arrange for the home to be sited, and the external works to be completed before you move in. 

If you are purchasing a show home that is already sited on the park then your completion date will be dictated by your property chain. 

For further information

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