The government is due to release a white paper next month outlining their strategies for dealing with the current housing crisis that is engulfing the UK.  One of the key strategies been government support to increase the production of ‘pre-fabricated’ homes.  Housing and Planning Minister Gavin Barwell stated; “Off-site construction offers a huge opportunity to deliver homes more quickly.  Once the home arrives on site they can be installed and ready to be inhabited within a very short space of time”

The Department for Communities and Local Government supports a pledge of £2 billion government funding to support the larger scale, accelerated construction techniques of pre-fabricated homes.

Karen Mason from Right Choice Park Home Advisory Service talks about the development of pre-fabricated homes, or park homes as they are often known, and how they have changed over the years and how she believes they will be a good solution for the current housing crisis. “ Park home design has undergone massive change in the last 10 years. Improvements in construction techniques, has increased the lifespan from 40 years to 70-80 years with insulation, central heating, and build quality being the equivalent to a new build bricks and mortar home. Homes can be willed to family members as they hold their value in the property market. They also make warm and comfortable low maintenance homes. Government legislation regarding the ownership of these homes was overhauled in 2013 and the rights of consumers are now much better protected when they purchase a park home.  Ensure that the park on which you choose to live has a full residential licence and your rights will be well protected giving you the security of tenure forever.  Council tax bands are usually the lowest Band A, and ground rents are modest.  Many of the approved residential sites are well located close to amenities and they offer residents a wonderful sense of community that can be difficult to find elsewhere. ”  Karen warns, “The importance of checking that the park holds a residential license cannot be underestimated.  Recently, in Dorset local authorities gave74 residents notice to leave a 12 month holiday park where they have been permanently living which is in breach of the holiday licence held by the park owner.

The Park Home manufacturers have already stepped up production to deal with the increased demand for homes.  Kevin Jones, Sales Manager for Cambrian Homes explained, “Cambrian has recently moved into a purpose built, state of the art factory.  Our factory has the capacity to handle the anticipated increase in orders associated with this new government housing strategy.”

When I visited one of the park homes on the site at Organford Country Park, I was surprised and impressed by the modern design features and layout of the home. The home felt like it was straight out of an interiors magazine. Home owners Ray and Gill Burgess were clearly very proud of their home and keen to show it off!

The future for pre-fabricated park homes is looking bright and the contribution to the alleviation of the housing crisis could be significant. 

If you are considering buying a park home and you would like some advice, you can view a buyers guide from here.

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